The diversity and depth of our team is what really sets us apart from from other printing and copying companies in the East Valley. Test our expertise with your printing or even custom printing questions, and watch us come up with a solution for you!

David Maez

30 years in the printing industry, David has done it all. Taking his vast knowledge of Printing and Design, he established Print Smart as the go-to place for your Printing and Copying needs in the East Valley.

Michael Coconate
Sales Manager

Decades in the Printing industry, Michael has the ability to help manage your company's printing needs. Michael's specialty is custom printed items ranging from Pens, Post-Its, Embroidery and Silk Screening, to whatever you can imagine.

Marcus Montoya
Production Manager

Detail, details, details is how Marcus runs our production. As a master wood craftsman, he has the measure twice cut once mentality to Master craft your printed needs on our self maintained printing equipment

Stephani Mitchell
Sales & Leads

Decades in the hospitality industry, Stephani brings that energy and service to follow through your company's printing needs. Let Stephani do what she does best, and follow through, and make your Printing needs come first.

Anita Glass
Bindery Manager

Decades in the printing industry, Anita has the skills and ability to assure your printed project is finished correctly and perfectly. Anita is the last line in our exacting process to insure your receive exactly what you wanted from our print facility.